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Belt Buckles

Belt Buckles

Dave and Linda Bartholomew started Wings of Gold in 1984. Their knowledge of gold jewelry and love of motorcycle touring are the foundations of Wings of Gold motorcycle jewelry.

The eagle began as the central theme of the motorcycle jewelry featured here and represents the freedom experienced while motorcycling. It is admired for its majesty and qualities of courage and power and is a symbol honored both by our country and within the motorcycling community.

Most of the jewelry designs are made of solid 14 kt. gold. The custom motorcycle designs include the 14kt Gold Wing 1800 motorcycle pendant and motorcycle earrings. The gold eagle pendants capture the elegance of the eagle in flight. We have an excellent choice of gold chains to complement the pendants.

Some examples of our biker jewelry are the 3D Cruiser pendant, the layered gold cruiser pendant and the trike pendant and earrings. Our Gold Wing jewelry includes layered gold or layered rhodium 1500's and 1800's in pendants and pins and 1800 earrings. The layering is very safe and will last a lifetime as long as no polish or corrosive cleaner is used. Simply soak in luke warm sudsy water.

If you need a reasonably priced gold layered chain, we have a fine diamond cut snake chain for the smaller pendants and a thicker rope chain for the larger pendants. The prices of these chains range from $15.00 to $30.00. Call or email us to add to order.

We are having a closeout special on all of our Black Hills Gold Jewelry. These prices are marked below wholesale.

All of our items ship for free and are delivered by first class or priority mail.

Our desire is to offer you the highest quality merchandise at the best possible price. We guarantee a full refund (less cost of postage) within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.


Wings of Gold Motorcycle Jewelry makes a great gift for bike riders, especially riders that love motorcycle accessories and bike touring.